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Vita-Vida is a supplier of exceptional wellness products that are formulated according to current, global research and findings into wellbeing and longevity.

What makes Vita-Vida’s Range stand out from the rest?

* Eco-Friendly, Bio-degradable Packaging.
* The Vita-Vida Delivery System Ensures Maximum Absorption of The Nutrients in Our Products.
* Clinically Proven Formulas & Naturally Sourced Product Ingredients. Vita-Vita Products Are Researched and Developed by a Team of Highly Qualified Product Managers and Researchers.

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Vita-Vida promises to deliver the highest quality ingredients in every product. What makes us Unique?

Vita-Vida Delivery System

Our specially formulated delivery system (Vita Vida Delivery System or VVDS) ensures that the nutrients in our products are delivered effectively and successfully.

VVDS is one of the fundamental differences in our products and this allows you to not only enjoy the benefits of our quality products but also ensures you stay healthy and happy!

ECO-Friendly Packaging

Vita-Vida recognises the role it has to play in providing products and services that minimise our impact on the environment and consumers.Our group participates in recycling initiatives and continues to invest time and resources in the development of more sustainable products.We strive to maintain and develop our existing manufacturing footprint in a sustainable manner that complements our significant capacity to deliver great products in eco-friendly packaging.

Vegan Caps

Vita-Vida uses Vegan Capsules which have a variety of health benefits and to accommodate the growing demand for vegan-based products.

  • Candice De F~

    I have been using the Vita-Vida Collagen for 2 months and it's amazing. It tastes great and dissolves easily in my morning coffee. I have seen improvement in my hair and skin since using it. By far the best Collagen I have used!

  • Johannes VD M ~

    Vita-Vida helped me to reduce my blood pressure by a minimum of 10 points, using the Water-Rite and Sleep-Rite.

  • Joanne H~

    I've had my mom on Vita-Vida LeanTech7 and we are so proud to say so far she has lost 11kg. From being 78kg she is now 67kg. She has not been using any other tablets while taking these. She has always struggled before to lose weight.

    Thank you Vita-Vida and LeanTech7

  • Michelle B ~

    I tried the Vita-Vida Sleep Rite tablets for 3 days and I can honestly say that I definitely feel so much better in the mornings and don't feel groggy at all like a scheduled sleeping tablet makes you feel. With each night I sleep better and better and would highly recommend this product!

  • Michelle P ~

    The Vita-Vida Bio-Boost & Vita-Vida Collagen taste great and the results I'm getting are 2nd to none!

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