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Vita-Vida is a supplier of exceptional wellness products that are formulated according to current, global research and findings into wellbeing and longevity.

What makes Vita-Vida’s Range stand out from the rest?

* Eco-Friendly, Bio-degradable Packaging.
* The Vita-Vida Delivery System Ensures Maximum Absorption of The Nutrients in Our Products.
* Clinically Proven Formulas & Naturally Sourced Product Ingredients. Vita-Vita Products Are Researched and Developed by a Team of Highly Qualified Product Managers and Researchers.

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Many people are asking us how we have managed to get our products to work so well!

What makes Vita-Vida so special? What separates our products from everyone else’s?

Well, in short, we have worked on a very specific delivery system which we have included in all our products.

This formulation took many months to perfect and with the help of industry specialists, we managed to develop something completely unique. Here is a brief explanation on how the Vita-Vida delivery system helps deliver nutrients to where they belong instead of the body excreting or wasting them.

  • Taurine is an amino acid that can help with nutrient absorption by aiding in the digestion and absorption of fats. 
  • Astragalus root extract is an herbal supplement that has been traditionally used to improve digestion and support the immune system. It may also help with nutrient absorption by increasing the function of the gut and improving blood flow to the gut.  
  • Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps with the formation of red blood cells and the proper functioning of the nervous
    system. It is important for nutrient absorption because it helps the body absorb iron and folic acid.
  • Panax ginseng is an herbal supplement that is believed to improve energy and stamina, and support the immune system. It may also help with nutrient absorption by increasing blood flow to the gut and improving the function of the gut. 

Overall, these four compounds will help
the absorption of nutrients by improving the gut function and blood flow, and
supporting the overall health of the body.



Vita-Vida Delivery System

Our specially formulated delivery system (Vita Vida Delivery System or VVDS) ensures that the nutrients in our products are delivered effectively and successfully.

VVDS is one of the fundamental differences in our products and this allows you to not only enjoy the benefits of our quality products but also ensures you stay healthy and happy!

ECO-Friendly Packaging

Vita-Vida recognises the role it has to play in providing products and services that minimise our impact on the environment and consumers.Our group participates in recycling initiatives and continues to invest time and resources in the development of more sustainable products.We strive to maintain and develop our existing manufacturing footprint in a sustainable manner that complements our significant capacity to deliver great products in eco-friendly packaging.

Vegan Caps

Vita-Vida uses Vegan Capsules which have a variety of health benefits and to accommodate the growing demand for vegan-based products.

  • Deshun D~

    Thanks so much. I recently climbed Kilimanjaro and the Vita-Vida Collagen has been instrumental in my physical prep. I suffered knee pain for about a year before (must be my age - 52😅). But, I must say 🤞🏽I didn't experience any pain during the climb or since. There is also a visible improvement in skin. Brilliant stuff!

    A good product must be given its dues 😉. This was my 5th Kilimanjaro climb and I'm planning to use the Vita-Vida on all my future climbs.

  • Melinda D~

    My journey with Vita-Vida.
    Beautiful Michelle P. introduced Vita-Vida products to me and I’ve been using them since April 2022, and I absolutely fell in LOVE with all of these products that I am using. Michelle was great and went through all of the products with me. I first started to use the Lean-Tech7 Burner, and then changed over to the new improved Gold-Tech Fat Burner and it’s Amazing with Amazing results. It gives me such a boost of energy and suppresses my appetite. IT’S REALLY WORTH TRYING! I also combined it with my Water Rite. I sometimes feel bloated and Water-Rite helps me to get rid of all the extra water in by body. Bio-Boost, Zinc, and DON’T forget my Collagen the Queen of all Products. These products improved my hair,skin, digestive system and overall health. Over these few months I’ve lost 8kg and going strong.
    I’m honestly in Love with these products and just feeling happier and healthier. Thank you Vita-Vida

  • Roxanne P~

    I thought I would share my journey. From start to finish.
    Michelle is simply the best, she is so knowledgeable and so helpful.
    I started with the collagen and chai protein. I used a spoon full of collagen into black coffee, and this was game changer, made the coffee so creamy and so darn delicious. I saw an improvement in my hair looking shiny and strong, the growth was so incredible. Nails felt stronger and skin was looking like a babies bum. The protein was unbelievable. It is so delicious. I used mine to make protein pancakes (no added sweetener as the taste is sweet enough) Was perfect for the on the go smoothies, full of nutrients and so fulling. I also made “crumbed” chicken pops I use the protein to replace flour. And my body thanked me for it. The fat burner is like no other I’ve tried before. (Others feel like they burn my tummy and give me the shakes, I did not experience this with Vita Vida) It really helps with appetite and give you that extra boost of energy. I only craved my first meal around 1/2pm. Water tablets, Immune booster, Zinc and Vitamin are easy to take. I have seen improvement in my skin, how I feel and energy levels and overall health. (GREAT combo) The liposomal is also an easy take, if I am having a smoothie, I pop a spoon full in there, or just directly have a spoonful. I am a massive believe in this luxurious product, I LOVE that it is vegan and packed with goodness. I find other products rather intimidating. But Michelle was happy to explain everything to me. And really is DELICIOUS.
    Definitely a high quality product.

  • Candice De F~

    I have been using the Vita-Vida Collagen for 2 months and it's amazing. It tastes great and dissolves easily in my morning coffee. I have seen improvement in my hair and skin since using it. By far the best Collagen I have used!

  • Johannes VD M ~

    Vita-Vida helped me to reduce my blood pressure by a minimum of 10 points, using the Water-Rite and Sleep-Rite.

  • Joanne H~

    I've had my mom on Vita-Vida LeanTech7 and we are so proud to say so far she has lost 11kg. From being 78kg she is now 67kg. She has not been using any other tablets while taking these. She has always struggled before to lose weight.

    Thank you Vita-Vida and LeanTech7

  • Michelle B ~

    I tried the Vita-Vida Sleep Rite tablets for 3 days and I can honestly say that I definitely feel so much better in the mornings and don't feel groggy at all like a scheduled sleeping tablet makes you feel. With each night I sleep better and better and would highly recommend this product!

  • Michelle P ~

    The Vita-Vida Bio-Boost & Vita-Vida Collagen taste great and the results I'm getting are 2nd to none!

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